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Application Notes are articles and technical notes that provide extra information about NEL oscillator products. These notes should assist the designer in usage of these products.

Title Description File Name
Crystal Oscillator Based Clean-Up Modules NEL Frequency Controls offers a family of clean-up Modules from very compact VCXO-based SMD units, to TCVCXO based units with good holdover performance, to Ultra Low Phase Noise (ULPN) OCVCXO based metal can modules and rack mountable appliances. Cleanup Whitepaper
Acceleration Sensitivity of Crystal Oscillators Acceleration sensitivity, also known as “g sensitivity”, is a crystal oscillator’s sensitivity to external forces applied in any direction. The sensitivity is influenced by the resonator’s mounting structure, orientation, material properties, and isolation. Applications like aircraft, communications, GPS, and metrology all require oscillators with low acceleration sensitivity. To test the sensitivity, NEL applies a random vibration testing method. Crystal Oscillators
Distinguishing Between APR and Pullability When Specifying a VCXO Describes the differences between APR and Pullability specifications in a VCXO 1314a.pdf
Testing Phase Noise of Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO Challenges and solutions for modern instrumentation equipment, commercial & defense communication systems, and radar equipment PID2382573_E.pdf
Jitter comparison of various crystal technologies Three technologies selected for comparison 0603a.pdf
Pb-Free Assembly Reflow Profile-Osc Table and charts for Pb-Free Assembly Reflow 0501b.pdf
Pb-Free SMD Xtal Assembly Reflow Profile Pb-Free SMD Xtal Assembly Reflow Profile Chart 0502a.pdf
SMD Xtal Reflow Profile SMD Xtal Reflow Profile Chart 0501a.pdf
4-Gbit Fibre Channel Frequency Control Design Design Packet filled with specs, charts White Paper, “Low Jitter, Low Emission Timing Solutions for High Speed Digital Systems” 4gbit.pdf
Redundant Clock Module Design Packet filled with specs and White Paper, “Monitor, Detect, Action” NEL-RCM_package.pdf
3.0 Volt TTL TTL oscillators running on 3.0Vdc input. CMOS versus TTL running at 3.0Vdc is discussed 9734a.pdf
DEC “Alpha” Microprocessor NEL’s HK-2900 crystal clock oscillator provides a low cost frequency source for Digital Equipment Corporation’s Alpha microprocessor. 9337a.pdf
ECL Usage ECL oscillator applications note that discusses frequencies, loading, trace widths as they apply to the usage of ECL output devices. 9339a.pdf
Intel Pentium Specifications required for the oscillator that drives the Intel Pentium microprocessor IC. 9320a.pdf
Tri-State Inputs Enable/Disable – Threestate Control Input Iil & Iih Ap-Note. Requirements and definitions of threestate controls. 9342a.pdf
Thermal Analysis Thermal Analysis of the SJ-XXX SMD package. Thermal measurements were made on an SJ-100 oscillator. IC size was 0.050″ X 0.050″. Areas measured were the top of the substrate, bottom of the package, and the IC. 9738a.pdf
Oscillator Tutorial Tutorial for crystals and oscillators. Theories of crystal operations and fundamental oscillator design is addressed. Tutorial also discusses package considerations and design limitations. 9113.pdf
Complimentary Output ECL (PECL) Application Note for Complimentary (Differential) Output ECL (PECL) With Enable/Disable Feature 9944a.pdf

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